A lovely review of A White Year in New Welsh Review, by Vicky MacKenzie: "lyrical and musical... almost every line contains an original and vivid expression".


Another very nice review in Sabotage Reviews by Penny Boxall: "Lewis well knows how to balance... the narrative of these poems is airy, rather than bogged down in scholarship... Reading them is an act of archaeology, a well-informed reconstruction."


An article on Wales Arts Review about the story behind my new pamphlet, A White Year.




I also discuss A White Year in this feature from the Wells Voice.


The Blue Cell reviewed


The Blue Cell contains seven lyric poems, all focused on the lives of early medieval Welsh saints... all told with precision, beauty and depth... Lewis's striking retelling of Welsh lore is both skillfully and beautifully presented.

 Éadaoín Lynch, New Welsh Review


... an elegant and sophisticated writer, with a wonderful descriptive talent... the same ability to harness the power of violence or unease which was there in Other Harbours is also present in some of these poems... a powerful and refined sequence.

Jonathan Edwards, Poetry Wales 


 ... a fine phrasemaker... she opposes decay and decomposition 'with a new flame' of inspiration.

W.S. Milne, Agenda 



Reviews of Other Harbours


Anna Lewis's debut collection displays a striking maturity of vision for a poet still in her twenties... Without unnecessary noise here is a poet who has carved out a distinct and highly accomplished poetic idiom, a talent to watch out for.

Nicholas Murray, Planet 


An act of blithe daring... deft handling of dark matter.

Peter Naumann, New Welsh Review

(Read the full review here.)


Anna Lewis is an excellent curator - careful, methodical, a cleaner and labeller of strange things... Lewis delivers her poems cool to readers, which can be mesmerising... This is the force of a quiet voice.

Claire Crowther, Magma


Outstanding... This strikes me as one of the deftest, most numinous metaphors I have encountered in recent poetry.  [On the poem 'In Anatolia, Mary']

Dai George, Poetry Wales



Link to an article in the Western Mail, 'Author's Notes': about the inspiration behind Other Harbours, and the appeal of writing new poems drawn from ancient myth and legend.